Advance Graphic Designing Course & Training in Islamabad & Rawalpindi

If you want to become a graphic designer at the next level and lead towards a graphic designing industry, then you are at the right place for comprehensive Advance Graphic Designing course that is being offered by Agency 5, Best Graphic Designing institute in Islamabad right now. In this course, you can learn all the graphics designing tools that we will teach you and make you a pro in the field of graphic designing.

Master essential Graphic Designing techniques & tools to become a professional graphic designer.


Practice with our latest tools for graphic designing like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrator, and much more to make your place on the market to be the best in the field of graphic designing.

Discover  Seek all the necessary techniques for the professional graphic designer course by practicing it.

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4 Weeks of industrial and vlogging lessons.

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100% Practical environment to reinforce whats you learn.

graphic designing institute

Certification of achievement and internship offer.

graphic desiging course in islamabad

Advance your career and earn money online.

Introduction to


This graphic designing course is a Professional course, and it can benefit you in many ways like you can be part of the graphic designing industry and get a chance to design the graphics remarkably with the greatest designer of all time. Agency 5 The well Known & Leading Graphic Designing institute in Islamabad & Rawalpindi Offered Certified Graphic Designing Course & Training.  After this course, you can easily be able to learn all the necessary tools which are used in professional graphic designing.

Graphic Designing Course in rawalpindi


Fouzia Habib  is a professional graphic designer & NCA Lahore Graduated. who brings five years of experience, from designing the graphics and work arts on the professional level. She has created many designs for the industry and worked with many clients on Fiver & Upwork. 

Graphic Designing Course in islamabad



This course covers everything from the available graphic designing platforms and the necessary equipment to the secrets of making better and promotion of your channel. We have designed this course to give you a clear understanding of what being a graphic designer does, as a well as how to proceed in the vast world of being a professional designer So what are you waiting for Enroll Now in Graphic Designing Course & Become The Next Graphic designer Superstar.

Latest Technology Graphic Designing Course in Islamabad and Rawalpindi

This graphic designing course has been created to offer all students a full overview of how to become a successful graphic designer. Upon finishing the course, you will have the skills and knowledge that will set you apart from the rest of the new graphic designing out there.

Graphic designing Course syllabus

Lesson 1: Fundamentals:

  • Fundamentals of graphic design.
  • Elements of graphic design.
  • Importance of typography.
  • Colour schemes and color psychology.
Lesson 2: Objectives:
  • Objectives of graphic designer
  • Shapes, Spaces, Value, Form, Texture.
  • Principles of designs.
  • Proportion, Hierarchy, Repetition.
Lesson 3: Editing
  • Pattern, Unity & Design.
  • Rules Of Designs.
  • Kerning & Tracing, Leading.
  • Use of Grid.
Lesson 4: Implementation:
  • Purposeful Hierarchy.
  • Use of Correct Alignment.
  • Importance Of Readability.
  • Rules of third in design.

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✓ Introduction to what graphic designing 

✓ Different graphic designing tools

✓ What techniques you will require for graphic designing

✓ The secrets of becoming a succesfull graphic designer.

✓ Creating a professional graphics design

✓ How to discover all the graphics designing techniques

✓ How to make logos and design PSD’s of websites.

✓ Information on creating the best graphics in the market and how to attract the people with your graphics


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Graphic designing course instractor Fozia


FOUZIA HABIB   is a professional graphic designer who brings five years of experience, from designing the graphics and work arts on the professional level. She has created many designs for the industry and worked with many clients on Fiver & Upwork. 


This course is unit based, with individual lessons in each unit. Every unit is broken into thematic parts and, while the course is given out all at once, we highly suggest you start at the beginning.

This course is updated twice a year to make sure all our information is up to date and cutting edge. Everytime I try and perfect a new technique, it goes in this course.

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We’re fully committed to helping you improve your vlog and become a success. You can test-drive the course for 30 days, read the material, and listen to the webinars and interviews. If you still don’t feel the course is right for you or will improve your vlog, we’ll happily refund 100% of your money.

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